Interpreting 10minutes Lyrics: A Korean’s Guide

“10minutes” is the signature song of Lee Hyori, Korea’s top female solo artist. Released in 2003, the song catapulted Lee Hyori to fame as Korea’s Britney Spears, establishing her as the ultimate sex icon, the top dance artist, and a role model for all Korean women. The 2003 Korean Culture Embedded in “10minutes” Korea is … Read more

2024 Olive Young Mega Sale: Catch Every Discount Opportunity!

Olive Young’s major sales are divided into two main events: The Olive Young BIG SALE and Olive Day. Each sale has different characteristics and periods, so if you are visiting Korea or planning to use the Olive Young global online shop, make sure not to miss this sale information. The Olive Young BIG SALE The … Read more

Where are the olive young stores located in korea

If you’re traveling to Korea and looking for an Olive Young store, you needn’t worry at all. There are over 1,300 Olive Young stores across Korea, and wherever you’re staying in Seoul, a simple Google search for “olive young near by” will easily find an Olive Young near you. Especially for foreign tourists staying in … Read more