Apple Myeongdong: Recent Visit Guide with Tips

The Apple store in Myeongdong is the largest Apple store in Korea. Located in the famous tourist destination of Myeongdong, it is very convenient to visit. I’ll share some tips based on my recent visit.

Apple Myeongdong

Apple Myeongdong 주소

Apple Myeongdong Address: 23 Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Contrary to its name, Apple Myeongdong is closer to Euljiro-1(il)-ga Station than Myeongdong Station. For those with limited time, exiting from Euljiro-1(il)-ga Station’s Exit 6 and walking one block down will lead you directly to Apple Myeongdong.

However, I recommend getting off at Myeongdong Station and walking to the store. The route from Myeongdong Station to Apple Myeongdong is along Myeongdong’s premier shopping street. Since it’s the best shopping street in Myeongdong, you can enjoy delicious food and explore interesting shops for cosmetics, clothes, and shoes on your way to Apple Myeongdong. I suggest making it a shopping and sightseeing course. Finding your way is straightforward—exit from Myeongdong Station’s Exit 6, walk up Myeongdong Shopping Street, turn left at Myeongdong Intersection, and you’ll see Apple Myeongdong.

how to go Apple Myeongdong

Apple Myeongdong 1st Floor – iPhone

Upon entering the first floor of Myeongdong, the entire spacious area is dedicated to the Apple store. The impressive sight of passionate managers providing guidance stands out. All the managers are proficient in English, and there are also individuals who can assist you in major foreign languages such as Chinese and Japanese. Feel free to request product consultations without hesitation. I headed straight to the iPhone section, as it was the area that piqued my interest the most.

Apple Myeongdong 1st Floor

I was delighted to be able to check out all the colors of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, which I had been eager to see. Although I had seen a lot on YouTube and in photos, seeing them in person was a different experience. In terms of the actual feel, the iPhone 15 appeared much more beautiful than in videos. The upgrade from the glossy glass on the back, compared to my previous iPhone 14, was quite noticeable.

I also had the opportunity to experience the titanium material used in the newly released iPhone 15. It felt smooth, and there were parts where the material’s friction could be felt, making it quite fascinating. It conveyed a very luxurious sensation, although, after seeing the regular iPhone 15 beside it, I did feel that the color itself was somewhat darker.


Apple Myeongdong – iPad Section

All iPad series are neatly arranged, allowing you to explore and examine them. iPads, in particular, can be a source of considerable contemplation before making a purchase. It was great to see all the different sizes on display. What stood out was that each iPad had an Apple Pencil attached, enabling me to personally test various functionalities. Personally, I’m torn between the iPad Pro 12.9-inch and 11-inch models. The 12.9-inch model turned out to be much heavier than I had anticipated, providing valuable assistance in making my purchase decision.

Apple Myeongdong - iPad

Apple Myeongdong – Apple Watch Section

I could personally try on the products at the Apple Watch section. Choosing the right strap for the Apple Watch is crucial, and it was beneficial to be able to see and try the colors firsthand, not just through photos or videos. When I tried to take out one of the displayed watches, a staff member approached and kindly assisted me.

While the Ultra 2 is impressive, it’s essential that it fits well on your wrist. Since my wrist is on the smaller side, the Ultra 2 felt too large for me. If I decide to purchase a watch, I would go for the Series 9.

Apple Myeongdong - Apple Watch Section

Apple Myeongdong – MacBook Pro/iMac Section – Almost Bought One Because They’re So Beautiful

All MacBook Pro and iMac models were on display, and they were so stunning that I almost made an impulse purchase. The 16-inch MacBook Pro felt more like a desktop than a laptop, with an impressively spacious and crisp screen. However, it was equally hefty. On the contrary, the 14-inch model seemed relatively more portable and lightweight, though not as much as the MacBook Air.

Apple Myeongdong - MacBook Pro/iMac Section

Among the products I saw at Apple Myeongdong, the one that captured my heart the most was the iMac. It was so beautiful that I seriously considered buying it. I had initially thought that the 24-inch screen might be too small because my computer monitor is 32 inches, but the iMac’s display turned out to be larger than I anticipated. I had the chance to try the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad in front of the iMac. The large trackpad was in the spot where you would expect a Windows desktop mouse, and the experience was fantastic. I currently use a MacBook Air with a smaller trackpad, so trying out the larger trackpad on other products was quite enjoyable.

Apple Myeongdong 2nd Floor – Tips for a Pleasant Experience

When you ascend to the second floor, you can engage with the managers, make reservations, and receive detailed explanations about the products. There is also a space for seminars, making it a comfortable environment. The same products displayed on the first floor are available here, allowing you to explore and use them more leisurely.

Apple Myeongdong 2nd Floor

Here’s a golden tip: on the second floor, there’s a famous photo spot with the iconic Apple logo visible through the window. When I visited, many people were already taking pictures. It’s specifically designed for capturing photos from various angles using the wide-angle camera, a pride of Apple iPhones. Don’t miss it, and I highly recommend taking some shots using your phone’s camera.

the iconic Apple logo in apple myeondong