Best Samgyetang in Seoul, you dont need to find best

Samgyetang is a representative chicken dish in Korea, known for its balanced flavors, not too spicy or overpowering, making it a great recommendation for foreigners. While many popular street foods in Korea are often greasy and not particularly healthy, samgyetang is considered a wholesome option. It is made by simmering chicken with ingredients like ginseng, jujube, and garlic, all of which are beneficial for one’s health. Samgyetang is a go-to comfort food for Koreans when they need nourishment. In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to enjoy samgyetang to the fullest and also suggest the easiest ways to find the most delicious samgyetang restaurants in Seoul.


How to Enjoy Samgyetang

When it comes to eating samgyetang, there’s a particular sequence to follow for the best experience. Start by eating the chicken meat, and there’s even a recommended order for savoring it. Begin with the chicken leg. The reason for this is that samgyetang can be quite substantial, making it challenging to access the meat inside. Removing the outer chicken leg first allows you to more easily enjoy the meat inside.

For the chicken leg, which is the essence of Korean-style boiled chicken dishes, it’s suggested to season it lightly with salt and pepper and then take a generous bite. As you savor the succulent chicken meat filling your mouth, the sweetness of ginseng and jujube complements the tender chicken, creating a delightful blend of flavors. After savoring the chicken meat, be sure to carefully enjoy the chicken breast and the body section inside before moving on to the wings.


For most foreigners, trying the boiled chicken wings can be a novel experience since many might not have had the opportunity to taste them this way. This is because the chicken wings, with their thick skin, offer a different flavor when boiled compared to when they’re fried. The tender and flavorful chicken skin found on the boiled wings can truly be considered a delicacy of samgyetang.

Once you’ve adequately enjoyed the meat, it’s time to savor the rice porridge inside the chicken. Typically, samgyetang includes jujube, ginseng, and rice cooked inside the chicken, resulting in a sweet and rich porridge infused with the essence of chicken fat. After lightly seasoning it with salt, you can relish the clean and soothing taste of the chicken porridge, which can help balance out any lingering richness from the meat. Here’s a tip: there might be one last chicken leg left, and I highly recommend eating it alongside the porridge. The tender chicken leg pairs perfectly with the savory chicken porridge, enhancing the overall taste.

How to Find the Best Samgyetang Restaurants in Seoul

When you search for “Samgyetang best restaurants in Seoul” on Google, you’ll often find names like “Goryeo Samgyetang” and “Tosokchon Samgyetang” popping up. While these places indeed serve delicious samgyetang, Seoul is teeming with other excellent options. So, here’s a straightforward way to discover a fantastic samgyetang restaurant: look for a somewhat older samgyetang place near your accommodation. What do I mean by that?

As you may have gathered from the news, Seoul is one of the world’s cities with the highest rent costs, and the bustling neighborhoods where your hotel, as a foreigner, is situated are some of the most expensive areas in the city. This means that any restaurant that has been able to sustain its business there for an extended period is likely to serve delicious food. Therefore, if you stumble upon a reasonably-sized and somewhat aged samgyetang eatery close to your accommodation, it’s highly probable that the food will be tastier than at those more famous samgyetang places you’d find through a Google search.

Here’s a tip: perform a search for “samgyetang near me,” and then look for places with over 500 reviews from locals. If you find such a combination of a bustling neighborhood and over 500 reviews, you can confidently consider it an above-average samgyetang restaurant. If you remember this combination, you might just become a formidable samgyetang hunter, rivaling even the locals.