Changgyeonggung Palace – TOP5 must visit Royal Spot In SEOUL

Changgyeonggung Palace was a royal palace used by the Joseon kings. Because of its historical significance, Changgyeonggung is situated slightly deeper to the east in Seoul compared to other palaces. Once you find your way to Changgyeonggung, you’ll experience a mysterious feeling as if you’ve discovered a forgotten palace within the city. For those planning to visit Changgyeonggung during their Seoul trip, here’s an introduction to Changgyeonggung, along with information on visiting hours and transportation options.

Changgyeonggung Palace

Changgyeonggung: The Tranquil Retreat of Beautiful Kings

Changgyeonggung served as a royal palace intricately connected to the royal tombs of Jongmyo during the Joseon Dynasty, functioning as a serene respite for the royal family. Upon entering Changgyeonggung, you’ll come across the familiar sight of the stone bridge, “Okcheongyo,” over a meandering stream, a location frequently featured in Korean historical dramas. Crossing Okcheongyo, you’ll encounter the main hall of Changgyeonggung, known as “Myeongjeonjeon.” Myeongjeonjeon was a significant palace where important royal ceremonies of the Joseon Dynasty took place and is the oldest remaining palace among all Joseon palaces.

This is intertwined with a somber aspect of Joseon’s history. During the devastating Imjin War, Changgyeonggung was completely destroyed by fire. It was reconstructed in the 18th century, resulting in the present appearance of Myeongjeonjeon. Changgyeonggung is a modest palace that can be explored in 1 to 2 hours. Take your time to stroll through and savor the experience of Changgyeonggung, once a place of respite for past kings, now transformed into a healing sanctuary for the citizens of Seoul.

How to Get to Changgyeonggung Palace

As you can see on Google Maps, unlike other palaces that are conveniently close to subway stations, Changgyeonggung is located at a walking distance of approximately 25 minutes from the nearest subway station. When you exit from Exit 6 of Anguk Station on Line 3, you’ll immediately spot a bus stop. From there, you can take either Bus 171 or Bus 151 to reach Changgyeonggung Station, where you’ll disembark right at your destination. Since it’s just a short 1 to 2-stop bus ride, you can plan to get off as soon as you board.

How to Get to Changgyeonggung Palace

Changgyeonggung Sightseeing Tips

I recommend a travel itinerary where you visit Changgyeonggung and then proceed to Changdeokgung, which is located just above it. Changdeokgung served as the main palace for an extended period in Korean history, offering a grand sense of its historical significance, while Changgyeonggung provides a unique charm as a tranquil retreat for the kings. Both palaces can be explored in 3 to 4 hours, so if you rent a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and dedicate a morning or afternoon to this experience, you’ll have an unforgettable cultural journey in Seoul.

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