How to order from Olive Young Global

I’ve discovered cosmetics selling for $19 on Olive Young that go for $60 on local online stores in Europe and the US. With the rising popularity of K-beauty, there’s no longer a need to buy from expensive local stores. Here’s a guide to ordering from Olive Young online for global consumers seeking K-beauty products.

First, please access Olive Young Global below.

Direct Link to Olive Young Global

Creating an Olive Young Global Account

1.Click on “join now” at the top right corner.

Creating an Olive Young Global Account

Olive Young ships to over 40 major countries worldwide, including the US, Japan, Europe, Asia, and Southeast Asia. So, if you’re reading this, you can easily place an order. Proceed with the registration and don’t forget to agree to receive promotional emails to get a $15 coupon.

Shopping Tips for Ordering from Olive Young Global

  1. Make Good Use of the Best Section

It’s time to order. If you’re unsure what’s popular, be sure to check out the Best section in the top left corner. It shows overall product rankings, as well as real-time sales rankings by cosmetic sector. The Best section has played a significant role in Olive Young becoming Korea’s number one cosmetics distributor. It’s incredibly easy to find the most popular, quality products chosen by many.

Make Good Use of the Best Section
  1. Embrace the Sale Section

Olive Young always offers spectacular discounts. In the Sale section, you can buy popular products at the same discounted prices as in Korea’s Olive Young. If the cosmetic item you want to buy is on sale, make sure to check out the Sale section.

Embrace the Sale Section
  1. Placing Your Order

Once you’ve added everything to your cart and finished shopping, click on the Bag at the top right to proceed to the checkout page. Don’t forget to use your coupon. Prepare a payment method that allows for international transactions, such as a Visa card or PayPal.

Placing Your Order
  1. Entering Your Address

Entering your address is just like on any global online mall, like Amazon. However, if you’re not an English speaker, you might find it a bit tricky to enter your address in English, so make sure to use Google to find the correct English address and postal code. Then, all that’s left is to wait for the Olive Young products to enhance your beauty.

Entering Your Address

Olive Young Online Delivery Times

Many of you might be wondering how long it takes for orders to arrive. According to delivery reviews, the average time to the US, which receives the most orders, is about a week. You can expect a similar timeframe for Europe, given its distance from Korea is comparable to that of the US, while closer countries like Japan or Southeast Asia take about 5 to 7 days.

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