Korea hair salon in seoul SUINstyle how to reservation

Korea Hair Salon is at the forefront of Korean beauty and attracts many foreign tourists. It’s only natural that during your trip, you’d want to emulate the styles seen in your favorite Korean dramas or K-pop music videos. SUINstyle is a leading hair salon in Korea when it comes to K-beauty, with highly skilled Korean hair designers who can create any K-beauty style you desire, including haircuts, perms, and treatments.

Korea hair salon in seoul SUINstyle

Convenient Reservation System at SUINstyle

Going to a hair salon in a foreign country can be challenging, and especially for procedures like perms, not making a reservation can waste up to 2 hours of your precious travel time, potentially causing disruptions in your busy travel schedule. SUINstyle is well-prepared to make it convenient for foreign tourists, with a perfect reservation system. First, please visit the SUINstyle reservation page at the link below.

1.Fill in your name, email, and phone number in that order.

After making a reservation, you’ll be able to communicate with our manager via email and phone. It’s essential to provide accurate contact details in case of any hair appointment changes.

Fill in your name, email, and phone number in that order.

2.Hair Service Reservation

You can select from options such as men’s haircut, women’s haircut, types of perms, and types of treatments.

Please choose the hair service you desire.

Hair Service Reservation

3.SUINstyle Branch Selection

You can choose from our three locations: Gyo-Dae (Gangnam), Non-Hyun (Gangnam), or Samsung (Gangnam).

All three locations have the best professional hair stylists ready to serve you, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of service at any of them. We recommend selecting a location that suits your travel itinerary.

All three branches are located in the most accessible Gangnam area of Seoul. Gangnam is close to many tourist attractions like the 63 Building, COEX Mall, and Jamsil Tower, making it easy for you to get a perm regardless of which branch you choose.

SUINstyle Branch Selection

4.SUINstyle Date and Time Selection

This is the most crucial step. After selecting the branch, choose a date and time that aligns with your travel schedule.

If you have any specific requests or anything to mention when visiting, feel free to leave a message. Explaining your desired hairstyle and your hair characteristics can be helpful for the stylist during your appointment.”

SUINstyle Date and Time Selection

Pricing Information for SUINstyle

SUINstyle offers transparent and reasonable prices for a wide range of hair treatments, which include haircuts, perms, and treatments, with over 50 different options. As K-beauty gains popularity, some unscrupulous Korean hair salons may overcharge foreign tourists. However, SUINstyle is committed to providing fair and equal pricing to both Korean and foreign customers.

Here are the hair treatment prices offered by SUINstyle:

  • Women’s Haircut: 38,000 won
  • Men’s Haircut: 28,000 won
  • Basic Hair Perm: 120,000 won
  • Special Hair Perm: 130,000 won
  • Hair Root Coloring: 100,000 won
  • 20-Minute Hair Therapy: 43,000 won

For detailed pricing information, please refer to our website at the following link.