Min Hee-jin Denies Embezzlement Allegations in HYBE Press Conference

Here’s a summary of the press conference by Min Hee-jin, a former executive at HYBE, regarding recent legal disputes. At the press conference, Min denied allegations of embezzlement and attempts to take over the management of HYBE, expressing her astonishment and injustice about the current situation.

Min Hee-jin

Min Hee-jin Press Conference Summary:

During the conference, Min explained that the evidence presented by HYBE was actually playful banter or emotional outbursts among close associates. She stated that she received full support at the beginning of her tenure, and although there were conflicts of opinion after the launch of Source Music and Ador, she had no involvement with Source Music. After the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent clashes with PD Bang Si-hyuk over the debut concept of NewJeans led her to resign after deciding to debut NewJeans members with Source Music under Le Sserafim in 2021.

Min claimed that HYBE heavily restricted the promotion of NewJeans, leading her to appear on “You Quiz” to promote them, during which she faced mockery from PD Bang Si-hyuk.

Additionally, Min discussed the dissatisfaction with HYBE and Source Music among the parents of NewJeans members, emphasizing her affection for NewJeans and seeking to clarify misunderstandings.

Timeline of Min Hee-jin’s Press Conference:

  • Denial of Embezzlement and Management Takeover: Min Hee-jin denied any wrongdoing, expressing her frustration and disbelief about the allegations.
  • Rebuttal Against HYBE’s Evidence: She argued that HYBE’s presented evidence was actually playful interactions or emotional venting that was misinterpreted.
  • Background of Source Music and Ador Launch: Initially supported by HYBE, conflicts arose post-launch. Min had control over the selection of NewJeans members but was not involved with Source Music.
  • Conflict with HYBE Post-COVID: Disputes with PD Bang Si-hyuk escalated post-pandemic. She was informed in 2021 that NewJeans members would debut under Source Music’s Le Sserafim, which led to her resignation.
  • NewJeans’ Transition to Ador and HYBE’s Reaction: After a struggle over shares and costs, Min transferred NewJeans to Ador, after which HYBE imposed a ban on promoting NewJeans.
  • Appearance on “You Quiz” and Promotional Activities: Min was forced to promote on “You Quiz” while facing strong interference from HYBE.
  • Remarks Related to a Shaman: Inquiries about BTS’s military service were related to HYBE’s main promotional direction, and she expressed discomfort at being mocked for consulting a shaman.
  • Alignment with Ador Team: As tensions with HYBE rose, communication within the Ador team grew harsh, and the team showed solidarity.
  • Misunderstandings About Stocks and Shareholder Contracts: Important misunderstandings exist regarding shareholder contracts and stocks, but HYBE’s agreement is required for clarification.
  • Denial of Discussions with External Consulting Firms: Min denied any discussions of investment or takeover with external consulting firms, urging HYBE to present evidence.