How to Taste the Taste of Moving’s Namsan Tonkatsu

In the moving dramas, Namsan Tonkatsu has become a popular spot for both locals and tourists. This charming restaurant, run by Kim Doo-sik and Im Mi-hyun, is located near the iconic Namsan Tower in Seoul. Namsan Tonkatsu is renowned for its traditional Korean-style pork cutlets, featuring a sweet sauce that perfectly complements the crispy fried pork. This dish is a crowd-pleaser with a broad appeal, making it a must-try for tourists exploring Korean cuisine. Now, let’s dive into all the details about Namsan Tonkatsu, including information, location, and how to get there.

Namsan Tonkatsu

What is Namsan Tonkatsu?

“Namsan Tonkatsu” has been a restaurant operating under Namsan Tower in Seoul since the 1990s. Over time, it gained fame among visitors and earned a reputation as one of the top restaurants in the city. Just as depicted in the drama “Moving,” Namsan Tonkatsu is known for its unique sweet sauce and crunchy pork cutlets. This style of Tonkatsu soon spread to other Korean restaurants, and it’s now referred to as the “Namsan Tonkatsu” style in Korea. Unlike the thick Japanese-style tonkatsu, Namsan Tonkatsu emphasizes the sweet sauce and crispy fried taste, making it appealing to both locals and foreign tourists.

Location of Namsan Tonkatsu

If you’re in Korea, it’s highly recommended to try the authentic Namsan Tonkatsu. You can find “Namsan Tonkatsu” on Google Maps by searching for “namsan tonkatsu.”

Address of Namsan Donkatsu: Sopa-ro, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

It’s conveniently located near the entrance to Namsan Tower, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul. You can visit this restaurant either before or after your visit to the tower.

Location of Namsan Tonkatsu

How to Get to Namsan Tonkatsu

We recommend walking from Hoehyeon Station, which is just one subway stop away from Myeongdong Station. Exit from Hoehyeon Station through Exit 4, and head in the direction of Namsan Tower on foot while referring to a map. It’s a short 5-minute walk, so you’ll easily find your way there.

How to Get to Namsan Donkatsu 
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Tips for Visiting Namsan Tonkatsu – How to Enjoy Your Meal

Due to the recent surge in popularity thanks to the drama “Moving,” the number of visitors has increased nearly threefold. Be prepared for a wait during peak lunch and dinner times. To avoid the crowds, consider visiting during off-peak hours. Namsan Donkatsu is so famous that other tonkatsu restaurants nearby also serve the “Namsan Tonkatsu” style. If the wait is too long, you can explore these alternatives.

Namsan Tonkatsu

Here’s a tip for enjoying your Namsan Tonkatsu meal: Rather than cutting and eating each piece individually, as you would with a steak, try slicing all of it at once, just as they did in the drama. This Korean-style Tonkatsu eating method allows you to maintain a continuous eating rhythm, resulting in a more enjoyable dining experience.

So, if you’re in Seoul and looking for a delicious and iconic Korean dish, Namsan Tonkatsu is a fantastic choice. Enjoy your meal!