Olive Young Online Shopping and Shipping Guide for U.S. Customers: Everything You Need to Know

Even without visiting Korea, you can receive shipments from Olive Young Online to over 40 countries worldwide. For those who adore K-beauty, let’s dive into the essentials of shipping via Olive Young’s online store.

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Oliveyoung online : Which countries are available for shipping?

Available Shipping Countries: Olive Young’s order screen allows you to check which countries are eligible for shipping. Despite some disruptions due to COVID-19 until two years ago, shipping services are now available to over 40 key countries participating in the global economy, including the USA, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India.

Oliveyoung online shipping company

Depending on your country, the shipping company will be automatically selected from Olive Young’s three international carriers:

  1. DHL
  3. EMS

Oliveyoung online : How much does shipping cost?

Olive Young Online offers free shipping worldwide for orders over $60, except in Japan, where orders over 3900 yen qualify for free shipping. It’s recommended to place orders over $60 to save on shipping fees.

Oliveyoung online : Olive Young online delivery period

International shipping durations can vary, but many blog reviews suggest that shipments to the USA typically arrive within a week. Similar timelines apply to Europe, given its distance from Korea, while shipments to Japan, China, and other Asian countries may arrive even faster.

Oliveyoung online : How to check my order status?

You can check the status of your order through the ‘My Account’ section on the Olive Young online page. Navigate to [My Account] > [Track Orders] > [Search (your orders)] > [Check the status of your orders] to view your order details.

How to check my order status?

In Case of Misdelivery

Since it’s an international shipment, Olive Young cannot directly handle misdeliveries. If you encounter any issues, it’s advised not to contact Olive Young but to reach out to the international courier service listed in your order, such as EMS or DHL.

Olive Young Online Shopping Tips

Upon signing up for Olive Young and agreeing to receive promotional emails, you’ll be granted a $15 discount coupon, which can be used without restrictions on discount rates or order amounts. It’s a great deal to use on your first order (you can opt-out of receiving promotional emails later if you prefer).

Olive Young Online Shopping Tips

For those in the USA and other participating countries, this guide provides all you need to know about ordering from Olive Young online and enjoying the best of K-beauty without having to visit Korea.