Starfield library in Coex, most beautiful photo spot

Starfield Library in COEX, as the name suggests, is a beautiful interior that shines like a star and is a top photography spot for tourists. Located at the heart of Gangnam’s COEX Mall in Seoul, it boasts exceptional accessibility and is a shopping paradise with not only South Korean but also global brands. We provide a perfect guide for those visiting Starfield Library

Starfield library in Coex

Starfield Library, a Warehouse of Starry Knowledge

Starfield Library is centrally located within COEX, making it easy to find no matter which entrance you use. On the first floor of the library, there is an auditorium where lectures are given, along with bookshelves. The second floor is designed with a circular layout, allowing you to view lectures from any part of the library, especially when it gets crowded, resembling a circular concert hall.

First, when you look down from the first floor, you can see the massive bookshelves shining like stars. It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it? The reason this library is so lovely is that it’s designed for people to look up at the shining bookshelves from below, just like people look at the stars in the night sky. So, take a moment to explore the library as if you were looking at the stars in the night sky while walking around the central area on the first floor.

On the second floor, there is a library space where people can take out books and relax. If you take the escalator up, you will find the library on the second floor, with people bustling about as they gaze at the shining library from the center. Whenever I come to this space, I can’t help but think that people are flowing toward their destinations like stars. Isn’t every moment of our lives a bit like a starlight, seeking beautiful spaces as we travel?

Starfield library in Coex 2nd floor

Starfield Library in COEX, No Entrance Fee

Starfield Library has no separate entrance, and it’s a library with an open layout in the heart of COEX Mall. As a result, there is no entrance fee, and since there’s no entrance fee for COEX Mall either, you can visit without any worries. Furthermore, all the books provided are free to read, and if you need a comfortable space to take a break from shopping at COEX, you can relax on the cozy sofas.

Starfield Library Opening Hours

The opening and closing hours of Starfield Library are the same as those of COEX Mall.

COEX Mall Opening Hours

10:30 AM to 10:00 PM

Open Year-round

Therefore, you don’t need to plan a separate visit time, and we recommend stopping by during your leisurely moments on your COEX shopping journey.

How to Take Great Photos at Starfield Library

Starfield Library is one of South Korea’s most iconic photography spots. If you search it on Instagram, you’ll find countless pictures, so if you’ve come to COEX, you must take a photo here, right?

I’ll give you some tips on how to get great shots. The soft, ambient light in the library acts like a gentle starlight. Therefore, it’s best to have the photographer stand at an appropriate distance and use zoom to capture the shot effectively. When taking photos on the first floor, try to create a sense of perspective by including the architectural structures on the second floor in your composition. On the other hand, if you’re taking photos from the second floor, use the people and library landscape below as a background and focus on the subject to make it stand out.

In fact, Starfield Library itself can be seen as a giant photo studio, so no matter where you choose to shoot, you should be able to capture a memorable shot.

Starfield library in Coex 2nd floor
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