2024 Olive Young Mega Sale: Catch Every Discount Opportunity!

Olive Young’s major sales are divided into two main events: The Olive Young BIG SALE and Olive Day. Each sale has different characteristics and periods, so if you are visiting Korea or planning to use the Olive Young global online shop, make sure not to miss this sale information. The Olive Young BIG SALE The … Read more

SKINFOOD Carrot Pad is hailed as the best value-for-money pad at Olive Young

If one were to highlight the most popular K-Beauty trend in 2024, essence pads undoubtedly take the spotlight. Their ease of use—simply apply and remove—along with their superior absorption compared to traditional essences, has made them incredibly popular. Today, I’m introducing the SKINFOOD Carrot Pad, currently the essence pad receiving the most attention in the … Read more

Madecassoside Blemish Pad Review: Top Skincare Secret

Toner pads have become an essential beauty item that one must naturally consider purchasing. Among them, the Madecassoside Blemish Pad has climbed to the top sales ranking among all pads available at Olive Young. This beauty pad, which enjoys immense popularity in Korea, has its secrets to success, along with introducing sites where it can … Read more

What to Buy at Olive Young This Month – Sale Until March 31st, 2024

For your visit to South Korea in March 2024, at Olive Young’s offline stores, you can look forward to the “Olive Young Monthly Picks” and take advantage of the “Bigbang Sale” happening until March 7th. The Bigbang Sale is one of Olive Young’s major discount events, offering significant savings, coupons for members, and various special … Read more

How to order from Olive Young Global

I’ve discovered cosmetics selling for $19 on Olive Young that go for $60 on local online stores in Europe and the US. With the rising popularity of K-beauty, there’s no longer a need to buy from expensive local stores. Here’s a guide to ordering from Olive Young online for global consumers seeking K-beauty products. First, … Read more