Gyeonghuigung Palace – TOP5 must visit Royal Spot In SEOUL

Gyeonghuigung, one of the palaces built after the Imjin War in the 1700s when the main palace was lost, once served as the largest palace complex. However, it began to lose its buildings due to the restoration project of Gyeongbokgung Palace during the late Joseon Dynasty, and its size significantly reduced, eventually taking on its current modest appearance. Located west of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gyeonghuigung now serves as a tranquil and healing space for the citizens of Seoul.

Changgyeonggung Palace – TOP5 must visit Royal Spot In SEOUL

Changgyeonggung Palace was a royal palace used by the Joseon kings. Because of its historical significance, Changgyeonggung is situated slightly deeper to the east in Seoul compared to other palaces. Once you find your way to Changgyeonggung, you’ll experience a mysterious feeling as if you’ve discovered a forgotten palace within the city. For those planning to visit Changgyeonggung during their Seoul trip, here’s an introduction to Changgyeonggung, along with information on visiting hours and transportation options.