Top tips for your 2023 Korea travel at Olive Young Myeongdong

Olive Young is the largest cosmetics brand in Korea, and its store in Myeongdong, in particular, is considered an iconic offline retail destination. Therefore, for tourists visiting Myeongdong, the Olive Young store is perceived as more than just a cosmetics shop. Here are some shopping tips for you as you explore Myeongdong and visit the Olive Young store during your trip to Korea

Myeongdong shopping street(food map, how to go, shopping tip)

Myeongdong is the most famous tourist destination in Korea, with an average of 5 million foreign tourists visiting each year. Myeongdong’s shopping malls and street food stalls are open even on Sundays, and the most dynamic street in Korea is waiting for you as you visit Seoul. Check out information about Myeongdong Street and travel tips, and get ready to create wonderful travel memories with people coming from all over the world.