Top 4 Essential Tips for First-Time Visitors to Korea

Planning your first trip to Korea? Here are the top 4 essential tips to help you navigate and enjoy your visit. These tips are based on advice from experienced travelers.

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Tip 1: What App is Needed for Navigation?

For navigating in Korea, the best apps are Naver Maps and Kakao Maps. Both offer excellent features, but many travelers prefer Naver Maps for its detailed information. Naver Maps even provides specific subway car recommendations for quicker transfers between lines, making it incredibly user-friendly for tourists.

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Tip 2: Should You Get Local Currency or Are Credit Cards OK?

Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in most stores in Korea. However, it’s advisable to carry some cash as well. Many smaller vendors, especially those in less mainstream areas, only accept cash. Additionally, T-money reload stations in subways are cash-only. So, having local currency on hand will ensure you’re prepared for all situations.

Tip 3: Taxi Apps, UBER, or Possible Modes of Transportation?

While Uber operates in Korea, the most recommended app for taxis is Kakao Taxi. Public transit in Seoul, including subways and buses, is also very efficient and easy to use with the help of Naver Maps. The app will guide you through the entire process, making public transportation a breeze.

Tip 4: What Transit Card to Put on Your Phone?

The T-money card is highly recommended for public transportation in Korea. It’s easy to use: simply load cash onto the card and swipe when entering and exiting public transit. You can also use it for taxis and purchases at convenience stores. While physical cards are popular, you can also add a T-money card to your phone for even more convenience.

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