Top 5 Gimbap that Koreans love the most

Gimbap is a convenient snack that fits in one bite and is one of the most beloved meals for Koreans. Recently, gimbap has gained global popularity, and there is a lot of interest in this food. Koreans, who eat gimbap up to 300 times a year, recommend the top 5 most delicious gimbap in Korea. Remember these and be sure to try them when you visit Korea.

The Top 5 Most Delicious Gimbap

  • Tuna Gimbap
  • Sausage Gimbap
  • Pork Cutlet Gimbap
  • Bulgogi Gimbap
  • Squid and Vegetable Gimbap

Number 1: Tuna Gimbap, with a Savory and Nutty Mayonnaise Flavor

Tuna Gimbap can be considered a signature menu item in Korean gimbap. Even more popular than the basic vegetable gimbap, it’s the best-selling option, especially in convenience stores, where the most popular gimbap is the tuna mayonnaise gimbap. The reason behind this is the perfect combination of tuna, mayonnaise, seaweed, and rice. Furthermore, Tuna Gimbap pairs exceptionally well with other dishes like ramen, kimchi stew, and more. Its mild and savory taste complements refreshing and spicy soup-based dishes quite nicely.

Tuna Gimbap

Number 2: Sausage Gimbap, a Combination of Sausage, Rice, and Pickled Radish

Sausage is not only a great side dish to pair with rice but also a wonderful addition to gimbap. While vegetable gimbap may contain ham, Sausage Gimbap features thick and chewy whole sausages. The key is to grill the sausages until they become crispy before adding them to the gimbap. When you take a bite, you can savor the burst of juicy flavor harmonizing with the rice. Another attractive feature of this gimbap is the pickled radish placed between the sausage and rice, which balances out any potential heaviness in flavor, resulting in a delightful combination.

Sausage Gimbap

Number 3: Pork Cutlet Gimbap, the Crunchy Pork Cutlet and Seaweed Combination

In Pork Cutlet Gimbap, a crispy pork cutlet is generously coated with sauce before being rolled into the gimbap. Achieving a crispy texture is essential when frying the pork cutlet. When enjoyed with gimbap, you get to savor the combination of pork cutlet, rice, seaweed, and pickled radish in a single bite, offering a delightful array of flavors. Gimbap’s charm lies in the ability to experience various tastes in each bite, and I believe that Pork Cutlet Gimbap showcases this diverse appeal most effectively.

Pork Cutlet Gimbap

Number 4: Bulgogi Gimbap, Sweet and Juicy Bulgogi with Gimbap

Bulgogi Gimbap features a sweet soy sauce-based seasoning, making it a perfect match for gimbap. Similar to Tuna Gimbap, Bulgogi Gimbap is also a highly popular choice. Since bulgogi is a fundamental element in Korean cuisine, it complements other side dishes like kimchi, ramen, and stews quite well. The allure of Bulgogi Gimbap lies in the delightful texture of the meat. When you bite into the meat, you’ll experience the bursting juiciness and the savory flavor of the soy sauce-based seasoning. Give it a try and savor this unique taste.

Bulgogi Gimbap

Number 5: Squid and Dried Radish Kimbap

Squid and dried radish kimbap is a specialty kimbap. Dried squid, known as “jinmichae” in Korean, is a popular ingredient that Koreans love. It is dried squid that is coated with sugar and red pepper paste, resulting in a sweet and spicy side dish. Thanks to the squid, it offers a pleasant chewy texture, making it a great pairing with kimbap. If you’ve had your fair share of basic kimbap like Tuna Gimbap and Bulgogi Gimbap, and you’re looking for a different flavor, this one is highly recommended.

Squid and Dried Radish Kimbap