Sundaeguk: The Heartwarming Korean Sausage Soup – A Soulful Delight

Sundae Guk is a soup that holds a special place in the hearts of Koreans. It’s known for being both affordable and generously portioned, making it a favorite among locals. Contrary to any misconceptions, Sundae Guk is not an exotic or unique dish; rather, it’s a wholesome, comforting soup that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s essentially a hearty meat-based soup with a rich and savory flavor.

For those visiting Korea, we’re here to provide the ultimate Sundae Guk guide, helping you explore and savor this beloved dish. Enjoy the warmth and taste of Korea in every spoonful!


Why Sundae Guk is So Delicious

Sundae Guk can be likened to the ultimate pork lover’s dream come true. It’s a comprehensive gift set of the finest flavors from the world of pork. In Sundae Guk, you’ll find a delightful combination of ingredients that showcase the diverse tastes of pork. From the savory and chewy sundae (Korean blood sausage) to the tender pork meat and a variety of pork offal, it’s a symphony of porky goodness that’s truly captivating all in one dish.

Sundae Guk Ingredients

  1. Sundae (Sundae): The primary ingredient of Sundae Guk, Sundae is a type of sausage made in the form of blood sausage using pork.
  2. Pork (Pork): Various cuts of pork can be used, often including pork loin, spare ribs, or pork belly.
  3. Pork Offal (Pork Offal): The internal organs used in Sundae Guk may include pork heart, kidney, liver, intestines, lungs, and head skin. The choice of offal parts is crucial in imparting flavor and texture.

How to Enjoy Sundae Guk

When your Sundae Guk arrives, the first step is to season it to your taste. Typically, seasoning is done with ingredients like salt, shrimp sauce (saewoojeot), or soy sauce-based condiments called ‘dada.’ Shrimp sauce is a traditional Korean fermented shrimp condiment that can be quite strong in flavor, and some foreigners may find it too intense. On the other hand, ‘dada’ is a seasoning mixture made from red pepper paste (gochujang) and soy sauce, known for its relatively mild and non-pungent smell. You can season your Sundae Guk with the choice of your preference, whether it’s salt, shrimp sauce, or ‘dada.’

Sundae Guk is served with a generous amount of sundae (Korean blood sausage), pork, and offal. Before you start rolling the ingredients with rice and enjoying the dish, it’s a good idea to taste each ingredient by dipping it into the seasoning. As you slowly savor the individual pieces, you can enjoy the soup itself when it’s at an appropriate temperature. The charm of Sundae Guk lies in the fact that it offers various dishes in one pot, such as bossam (boiled pork slices) and rice cake, which can be enjoyed by wrapping them together. It’s a versatile dish that lets you explore different flavors.

If you find yourself craving more meat as you eat, you can also order a side of boiled pork slices (sooyook) from the Sundae Guk restaurant. Sooyook is a dish where boiled pork is served separately, and it’s highly recommended for meat lovers. Enjoy your Sundae Guk experience!

Sundae and sooyook

How to Find the Best Sundae Guk Restaurants in Seoul

In the bustling streets of Seoul, you can find Sundae Guk restaurants almost everywhere. Most of the local favorites loved by Koreans are often tucked away in alleyways and may not be well-registered on Google Maps, making it challenging for foreign tourists to locate them. Additionally, these establishments may have strong and intense flavors, which may not always suit the taste of foreigners.

To find the best Sundae Guk restaurants in Seoul that are suitable for foreign visitors, here’s a simple method. You can search ‘Sundae Guk near me’ on Google Maps, especially in areas like Myeongdong, Gwanghwamun, and near Deoksugung Palace. You’ll likely find larger, more established Sundae Guk restaurants that are part of chains. These places tend to offer a more universally appealing flavor profile, making them approachable for foreigners. So, instead of going for the same old familiar dishes, try something new and enjoy a bowl of Sundae Guk, one of the most beloved types of Korean soup.